5 Minute Black Bean Taco Soup

5 Minute Black Bean Taco Soup

5 Minute Black Bean Taco Soup

When you are bone tired and hungry this is the 5 minute fix. I always have these ingredients on hand, especially if we are hiking that day. After an 8 or 9 mile hike the last thing I want is to fuss around in the kitchen. All I need are black beans (already cooked beans or in a pinch, one 15 ounce can), 1 bag of organic frozen corn and a high quality salsa.

Serves two really hungry people (four people on a normal day). Add mixed green salad with slices of orange for dessert.


  • Black beans 2 cups, organic already made or 1 can from a BPA free can (Eden is a good choice);
  • Sweet corn, organic 10 ounces (frozen corn is one of the few vegetables which retains its flavor quite well)
  • Salsa 14 ounces  (there are several great choices. I sometimes use Wildwood Emerald Valley Organic Salsa)
  • Organic corn tortillas (optional)
  1. Brush tortillas with olive oil, add a pinch of Mountain Mama’s Tex Mex Mix if you’ve made some; otherwise freshly ground coarse salt and peppercorns are fine. Bake in 350 F oven until crisp (about 5 minutes)
  2. In large pot, combine and heat beans, corn and salsa.
  3. Garnish with chopped fresh cilantro and crumbled organic corn tortillas. 



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