V Sweets, 16 year old changes Gatorade & Our Tweets Count

What’s in the news this month . . .

Morning at the Ranch below the High5Kichen

Morning at the Ranch below the High5Kitchen

Valentine Sweets

American companies treat Europeans better because they demand it.  But guess what, we’re starting to demand it too and companies are listening. We have a grass-root movement succeeding on many fronts simply by informing companies that we won’t buy their products. It’s simple. But first I want to l talk about the V sweets, since Valentine’s Day is next week.

In Europe, where genetically modified ingredients are labeled, Hershey and Mars have already adapted their recipes to formulate Kisses and M&Ms without GMOs.

Standard sweet treats here in the US for Valentine’s Day remain chock full of GMOs because the main ingredients in these candies are those derived from soy, corn and sugar, the most common GMO crops.

You can by-pass this problem by choosing organic but if you need a real chocolate sweet that’s decadent, rich and filled with antioxidants check out Tuesday’s blog for a recipe that delivers!

If you’d like Hersey and Mars to take GMOs out of their sweets, click Take GMOs Out of Your Sweets.

Sixteen year old Sarah Kavanagh changes Gatorade

You may have thought I was kidding about grass-roots actions from people simply responding on the internet but I’m not. Sixteen year old Sarah Kavanagh started a Change.org petition asking Gatorade to stop putting brominated vegetable oil (BVO) in its drinks. More than 200,000 people signed her petition on Change.org. Result: Gatorade took BVO out!

But BVO is also in other fruit-flavored drinks sold at a lot of schools and health clubs so Sarah started another petition-she wants BVO removed from Powerade’s red fruit punch.

BVO, patented by chemical companies as a flame retardant and banned in food throughout Europe and Japan, has been added to sodas for decades in North America” says Brett Israel in Scientific America. Source Brominated Battle: Soda Chemical Has Cloudy Health History: Scientific American.

Even though my motto is drink water, I signed Sarah’s petition and gave her a thumbs up! Please help Sarah change the face of Powerade and sign her Powerade Petition to Remove BVO from Sport Drinks.

Our Tweets cause Taco Bell to Pull Ad

Don’t laugh, but Taco Bell was caught disparaging my favorite food–the mighty vegetable but our tweets count! The chain pulled its ‘attack ad’ disparaging veggie trays as Super Bowl snacks because of public tweets voicing concern about the ad. Of course, now you probably want to see the ad (such is the paradox). Well, go ahead and visit Does Taco Bell Hate Vegetables? and while you’re at it munch on a carrot, an organic one that is.

Visit the High5Kitchen Facebook page for more stories. Stay informed, get involved–sometimes it just takes a click–and have a great day.


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