KALE – Basic Prep – Quick & Easy

Kale, Avocado, Red Onion with Walnuts

Kale, Sweet Potato, Avocado, Red Onion with Pine Nuts

I triple wash all my greens. With kale, I remove any sand and dirt by swishing leaves in a large bowl of cool water then drain. When I have vinegar, I add it to the second bowl of water, swish and drain. The final rinse should find the bowl of water crystal clear. Drain and dry leaves  using flour sacks or paper towels. (Use salad spinner for chopped leaves).

When dinosaur stems are tough remove them by folding the leaves in half, vein side out, and trimming with a paring knife. For common kale (curly leaves) just grab the bottom of the stem and pull leaves upward.

For more on cleaning techniques and acidic washes see What Does It Take to Clean Fresh Food?

Quick & Easy

  • Chop kale and sauté with garlic; add cannellini beans, rosemary, olive oil, splash of white wine and toss with pasta.
  • For an interesting side dish, puree steamed kale with steamed sweet potatoes. Season with salt, pepper and squeeze of fresh lime. 
  • Sauté fresh garlic and onions; add kale, kalamata olives and pine nuts. Before serving, season with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Add salt & pepper to taste.


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